How to Make Your Team Quit Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Everyone talks about how to recruit people and how to retain your team but what about the other side of things? In this article, I am going to talk with you about how to make your team quit your network marketing opportunity.

When you are in the network marketing profession, you want to bring on as many new team members as you can and keep as many team members as you can, but many times people don’t think about the things they are doing wrong that could be hurting their team retention.

Being Rude

When you start getting some traction, it is easy to get a big head and start being rude to people. You would think that you would be grateful and happy about the people that came into your team but sometimes it is difficult to keep your head out of the clouds whenever you start seeing a new level of success.

Not Checking on Team Member’s Families

People care about their families and so should you. Sometimes when you are on a mission, you can forget about the little things that got you there, but don’t forget about people’s families. Caring for people and caring about their families will let people know they are more than just a number and a paycheck to you.

Being Negative

People get enough negative in their lives. They don’t need you to be negative to them. If you are bad mouthing other companies or people and they have to keep listening to the negativity, they are going to avoid talking to you like the plague.

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